How it works...

You can now buy online from the UK's leading brands and have your goods processed and delivered by the FIC to your address in Stanley.* *Delivery charges may apply, ask for details.

It couldn't be easier!

You simply go online, find the items you'd like to order and complete all the details required on the order spreadsheet, including product codes from the website, along with specific details such as garment size, colour, etc.

Once completed, send it through our place an order page to provide details of the retailer, product line identification code, and, in case of clothing lines, garment size and colour choice per item. For electrical items, full model identification must be supplied.

5 easy steps...

Hover over the following steps to find out more about how our service works.

Pick the items you want to order from any UK retailer of your choice
Simply go on your preferred UK online retailer and find the products you'd like to order. Remember to keep these pages at hand as you may need them to provide us with details for your order.
With the details of what you'd like to order at hand, you may now fill out the spreadsheet. Once you're done, you may send it via our online form or email. You're also welcome at our desk in Home Living.
We will then place your order...
... with the UK retailer of your choice. We will contact you with an order confirmation. This will include the cost of the goods, UK handling charges and an estimated Stanley arrival date.
Once your goods are packed and ready...
... we will advise you of the total freight charges via email or telephone if you place your order in person.
When your order arrives in Stanley
You'll be contacted by our team to arrange collection or delivery of your goods. Additional charges apply for local deliveries.

More Services

For those urgent goods, we can also airfreight goods. For further information, click on the button below or contact us.