Freight Rates and Charges

To ensure we give you the best possible service, we are able to offer very competitive rates. Find out more on this page.

  • Freight will be charged based on the physical size of the packed order, at the rate of £225 per cubic metre. Please see illustrations below for measurements and the cost of the standard size boxes used to pack your goods.
  • All shipments ordered through the FIC are fully insured.
  • A minimum freight charge of £6.50 will apply to each order.
  • The cost billed by FIC to the customer will be the VAT-inclusive price charged by the UK retailer, including all UK delivery charges where applicable.
  • Non-VAT able items such as children's clothing will incur a 20% handling charge based on the value of the goods.

Freight Boxes

Hover over the different freight boxes we use to pack your goods.

Small BoxL45 x W35 x H19cm
0.030m3 at £225
£6.75 Freight Charge
Standard BoxL46 x W46 x H32cm
0.068m3 at £225
£15.25 Freight Charge
Large BoxL67 x W46 x H37cm
0.114m3 at £225
£26 Freight Charge