About the Falkland Islands Company

The Falkland Islands Company was granted its Royal Charter in 1852, and since then has been supplying the Falkland Islands with a wide range of services.

Operations in the Falkland Islands date back 160 years to 1852 when the Falkland Islands Company was granted its Royal Charter. From its early days as a major landowner and sheep farmer, controlling almost half the land area of the Islands, the Company has steadily widened its activities to provide a broad range of essential services to the people of the Falklands. The islands now have a population of around 3,000, with approximately 37,000 tourists visiting the islands in 2012, 30,000 from cruise ships and 7,000 by air.

The company's main areas of activity embrace retailing (including food, clothing, electrical goods, home furnishings, gifts and DIY), residential and commercial property, the sale and hire of 4x4 vehicles, travel services, including flight bookings, airport transfers and luxury coach and walking tours for tourists, insurance, agency services for cruise ships and fishing vessels, and the provision of freight and shipping services to and from the islands.

The Falkland Islands Company and Falkland Island Shipping are wholly owned subsidiaries of FIH Group plc, a publicly owned company quoted on the AIM market in London.